Offering the Full Range of PVC Pipes For The Quality You Need.


FISHER GOLD Rigid PVC - Pipes are manufactured with latest  technology conforms to IS-4985/2000 specifications, under strict  quality control.

FISHER GOLD Rigid PVC - Pipes are best preferred for irrigation in agriculture farms, water supply, disposal of oils and chemical effluent & waste, acid slurries transportation, telecommunication cable ducting etc.

FISHER GOLD Rigid PVC - Pipes have been preferred over other available resources due to varied.

  - 20 mm to 315 mm
  • - Strong and durable
    - Lightweight
    - Convenient joining
    - Better flow characteristic
    - Leak proof
    - Energy saving
    - Safe - Resistant to moisture, corrosion, chemical, abrasion & wearing.
    - Termite proof and UV resistant
    - Long lasting & maintenance free