Offering the Full Range of PVC Pipes For The Quality You Need.


  - 90 mm to 280 mm
  • - Strong durable: The casing pipes are strong, durable and inert to corroding factors.
    - Lightweight : These are light in weight, therefore easy to handle & install..
    - Convenient Joining : Have high precision trapezoidal threads which ensure easy joining..
    - Low Frictional Loss: Have smooth internal surface which implies low frictional loss.
    Hence the power consumption is on lower side.
    - Resistant to : Chemical reaction, Bacterial growth, Corrosion, Rusting.
  • - Better Flow Characteristic : Have smooth Bore for better flow properties.
  • - Economical : Are economical than conventional casings.
  • - Maintenance Free : Are free from corrosion and resistant to chemical reaction & biological formation, so do not require maintenance.